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SOLD SOLD SOLD Metal Fabrication Shop, Smyrna (Atlanta), Ga.

Live On-Site and Online Auction.  See Photo Gallery. Inventory list at DOCUMENTS.  Preview & Inspection:  Wed Mar 2 9am till 4:30pm, and Thurs Mar 3 9am.  Auction Day:  Thurs Mar 3 10:30am. Visit for online bidding!

Bidding Dates
Begins:   Thu, Mar 3, 2016
Ends:  Thu, Mar 3, 2016

See Photo Gallery. 

Preview & Inspection: Wed Mar 2 9am till 4:30pm, and Thurs Mar 3 9am.

Auction Day:  Thurs Mar 3 10:30am.

12% Buyer's Premium onsite.  15% Buyer's Premium online.

Bidders must register and provide a valid driver's license to bid at Auction on site.  Please plan your time accordingly.  Online Bidders please go to BidSpotter for online bidding details.

Sales taxes will be applied to purchases.  For qualified sales tax exemptions, you MUST provide a valid State Sales Tax Exemption Certificate and complete related forms.

See Terms and Conditions of Auction. Additional Terms & Conditions apply to ONLINE BIDDERS and are listed at BidSpotter!

Riggers will be on site to quote load out and delivery.

Inventory List (Actual Sale Order) Crowe & Downey / Smyrna GA 3/3/2016

1 Baldor Buffer 12", Cat# 1458
2 Erie Master Speed-E Power Threader
3 Clausing Drill Press Mdl2276 VS 15"x18" Table
4 Somaca Sommer & Maca Glass Machinery Co.
5 Box Lot Drill Bits & Misc
6 Metal Cabinets with Contents
7 Box Lot Sanding Disks & Wheels
8 DeWalt Reciprocating Saw in Case / Skilsaw
9 Box Lot Sanding Disks & Grinding Wheels
10 Box Lot Comp Valves/Air Wrenches/Pneumatic Tools
11 Box Lot Pneumatic Tools
12 Box Lot Milwaukee Grinder / Electric Hand Tool
13 Box Lot Air & Electric Tools
14 Box Lot Grinding Disks
15 Red Metal Cabinet with Contents
16 Miller Inert Gas AC/DC Welder
17 Box Lot Hex Keys & Punches, Misc Hand Tools
18 Box Lot - Misc Hand Tools
19 Clamps
20 Welding Table 10'3" x 6'9", Top is 5/8" Plate
21 Vise on Stand
22 Wilton 5"Vise with Stand
23 Pexto Hand Roller 36" Chandler Mach. Co.
24 Exercise Equipment
25 File Cabinet with Contents, Hole Saws/Misc
26 Federal 3 Press, Allison Mach. Co.
27 Electric Snake Grinder on Stand
28 Baldor Grinder Cat.#B10VW

29 Pullmax Shearing & Forming Machine
30 Thermal Dynamics Plas-Weld I
31 Roller Table on Casters, 28" x 48"
32 Misc Tools
33 Sanding Disks
34 Box Lot - Misc Clamps
35 Box Lot Drill Bits
36 Squirrel Fan with Stand
37 Roll Paper
38 Triner Warehouse Scales on Wheels
39 Pexto Hand Roller / Bench Model
40 Misc Clamps
41 Misc Welding Tips
42 Metal Welding Table on Wheels 10'6"x3'4"
43 Tooling in Metal Box
44 Cellophane Wrapping Stand on Wheels
45 Torch Set with Cart
46 Lown G500 Roller, Mdl G500, 62", SN G531
47 Misc Hand Tools
48 Misc Clamps
49 Clamps & Squares / Measuring / Misc
50 Misc Hand Tools
51 Box Lot Misc - Pulleys
52 Spot Welder
53 Metal Table on Casters 10' x 4'
54 Rockwell Int'l Unisaw Table Saw
55 3 Plastic Bins with Contents
56 Cantilever Rack - 4'D x 10'H x 10'W
57 Contents of Rack / Sheet Metal
58 Pallet of Sheet Metal
59 Pullmax Kumla Metal Bender
60 Pallet Sheet Metal & Misc Contents
61 Pallet Sheet Metal & Misc Contents
62 Rack with Metal, 33"D x 10'L x 29"H
63 Wysong Sheer 1/4" Cap.
64 Bin with Scrap Metal
65 Miller Inert Gas Welder, Mdl TA-252P, SN E30993
66 Dreis & Krump Chicago Mechanical Press Brake
67 2 Metal Dolleys
68 Metal Cart on Wheels 5'x3'4"
69 Metal Dolley with Contents 5'x3'4"
70 Rockwell Metal Grinder, Mdl 96-720
71 Metal Cabinet with Contents
72 Forklift Ball Mount
73 DoAll Horizontal Band Saw Mdl C-4, SN 234-681173
74 Tank Cage
75 Metal Scrap Bin
76 Fruehauf Storage Trailer, SOLD w/BILL OF SALE ONLY
76a Air Compressor - Ingersoll-Rand Type 30
77 Lot Metal Stock
78 Metal Rack - 11'L x 5'6"H
79 Misc Metal Stock
80 Metal Rack 10'x12'
81 Contents of Rack - Misc Sheet Metal
82 Contents of Rack / Misc Sheet Metal
83 Pallet - Sheet Metal
84 Pallet - Sheet Metal
85 Vickers Control Arc 300 DC Welder, SN W102-22B7
86 Cantilever Rack
87 Contents Rack - Sheet Metal
88 Air Compressor - Gould Century Motor SN BA10
89 Cantilever Rack
90 Contents of Rack
91 Custom Bar Stock w/Bored Holes - 12'L Steel
92 Pallet - Sheet Metal
93 Rack on Casters with Contents,32"Wx10'6"Lx8'6"H
94 DoAll Bandsaw Vertical Contour Machine
95 Pallet Misc Sheet Metal
96 Pallet Misc Sheet Metal
97 Pallet Misc Sheet Metal
98 Heavy Duty Metal Welding Table w/Contents 10'x8'
99 Metal Steel Bar, 13 Ft, V-Shape Tooling
100 Pallet Misc Sheet Metal
101 Pallet Misc Sheet Metal
102 Pallet Misc Sheet Metal
103 Misc Stands, Wheel Barrow, Metal Stool
104 Graco Sprayer w/Bucket
105 Roller Stands, 12" Wide
106 Metal Trays w/Contents
107 Misc Metal & Winch
108 Metal Saw Horses
109 Metal Work Table w/Contents 8'x9'; Top is 1" Plate
110 Miller Welder w/Constant Speed Wire Feeder, 24Volt
111 Lockformer Pittsburg Hammer Machine Roll Former
112 Di-Arco Metal Machine on Cart, Model C1388
113 Metal Rack
114 Chicago Metal Brake, Box & Pan Brake, 4 Ft.
115 Metal Bender
116 Wizard Refrigerator w/Contents / Welding Rods
117 Misc Metal Working Tools
118 Metal Desk/File Cabinet/Supply Cabinet
119 Eye Wash Station
120 Contents of Room
121 Safe Deposit Boxes w/Contents
122 Cart on Wheels 5'x4' with Furnace
123 Torch w/Cart
124 Miller Welder, Mdl 330A/BP, SN U478923
125 Filter Box - Metal
126 Dayton Grinder on Stand, Double-Sided, Mdl 12707
127 Thermal Dynamics Pak Master/25 Plasma Cutting Syst
128 Wooden Work Table with Contents 8'x4'
129 Weltronic/Technitron Peer Spot Welder
130 Bantam Brake B212 SN A8494
131 Miller-Matic 1 Gauge Welder on Stand, Style 721-A4
132 Airco Heliwelder ACDC Tigwelder
133 Welder on Pull Cart
134 Pierce-All Perf-O-Mator with Punch & Dies, 865-116
135 Miller Welder w/Pull Cart, Mdl CP-250TS SN R399641
136 Metal Table 2'x 2' with Drawer/Contents
137 Metal Cabinets w/Contents
138 Thermal-Arc Pak5 Plasma Cutting System
139 Metal Handbrake 10'
140 Patton Floor Fan
141 Metal Drawing Stands & Misc
142 Metal Wall Rack & Contents - 20"Dx4'Lx6'6"H
143 Metal Rack on Wheels w/Contents, 40"Wx8'Lx5'6"H
144 Dreis & Krump Chicago Mechanical Press Brake
145 Fan on Stand, 2 Heaters, Wheelbarrow, Table
146 Cobramatic Welder on Stand
147 Metal Dolley 5' x 3'8"
148 Ficep Die Caster Machine w/Tooling
149 Signode Banding Tool w/Accessories
150 Makita Chopsaw on Metal Table w/Contents, 14"Blade
151 Misc Metal Stock
152 DeWalt Radial Arm Saw 20" w/Table 8' x 4'
153 Metal Roller Stands, 12" Wide
154 Handtruck
155 Forklift

See Terms & Conditions of Auction.  Additional Terms & Conditions apply to ONLINE BIDDERS and are listed at BidSpotter! 



Terms and Conditions of Personal Property Auction 

Additional Terms and Conditions apply for ONLINE BIDDING. 

See BIDSPOTTER link for details.

SETTLEMENT:  The United States and State Laws for failure to pay shall apply. The Buyer agrees to make agreed settlement on sale day during or immediately after the auction in U.S. Currency, Bank Certified U.S. Funds, or company check with Bank Letter of AuthorizationHere’s how your bank's Letter of Authorization should read: "[Customer Name] is a customer of this bank. This bank guarantees for a period of 10 banking days from [sale date] unconditional payment of their company check made payable to Sam Williamson, Auctioneer in the amount of $_____." In default of payment the Auctioneer in addition to all other remedies allowed by law, will retain any monies received and resell the property at public sale without further notice. Any deficiency, including expenses of resale, will be charged to the defaulting Bidder.

BUYER'S PREMIUMS:  A 12% Buyer's Premium will apply onsite and a 15% Buyer’s Premium will apply online. These premiums will be added to every purchase to make up the sale total.
REGISTRATION:  Buyers represent and warrant that this registration is made for the Buyer alone and not on behalf of any other person. The Auctioneer reserves the right to revoke any bidder card and eject any person at any time.

INSPECTION:  The Buyer agrees to physically inspect the property and to rely exclusively upon this inspection in order to bid or purchase at the sale.

HOURS ON MACHINES:  In some cases machine hours have been listed for the Buyer’s convenience. These are the hours currently showing on the machine. However, no representation or guarantee of accuracy is made whatsoever by the Auctioneer. Buyer should rely on their own inspection and verification.

MEMORANDA OF SALE: The record of sale kept by the Auctioneer or bookkeeper will be taken by the Bidder or Buyer as absolute and final in all disputes.

NO WARRANTIES: All property is sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS with all faults. There are no warranties, representations or guarantees, as to quality, character or condition of the property. The implied warranty of merchantability is expressly disclaimed. Auction Buyers shall not be entitled to any adjustments or allowance, rescission, damages or any remedy or claim as to quality, character or condition of any property purchased by the Bidders.

ACCESSORIES:  All tooling and accessories will be separate from the equipment unless otherwise stated.

RISK OF LOSS:  The Auctioneer and Seller are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen property, of any kind, regardless of circumstance. The Buyer assumes delivery, full responsibility and accepts all risk of loss for any property purchased from the time the Auctioneer accepts the Buyer's bid regardless of the check out or closing process.

THEFT:  The theft of any property should be reported to the local police. It is the right of all auction Buyers to prosecute anyone caught stealing to the fullest extent of the law.

The Buyer has no right of abandonment whatsoever. The Buyer agrees to remove all purchased property from the Auction Site within the specified time announced or posted in the auction catalog. Property not removed within the time specified will be resold or disposed of by the Auctioneer or Seller without additional notice and in addition to all other remedies allowed by law, the Auctioneer will retain all monies received and add any deficiency or expense associated with resale or disposal of the property to the defaulting Buyer. Riggers, movers, electricians or anyone working as such must provide the Auctioneer with proof of insurance. The coverage must be at a level acceptable to the Auctioneer and Seller. All removal expenses and the repair of damages caused by removal are at the risk and expense of the Buyer and or their agent unless otherwise stated on the Auction invoice.

AUCTION SITE:  Buyer acknowledges that the auction site is a potentially dangerous place. Every person attending the auction sale at all times shall be there at their own risk, with notice of the conditions at the premises, the activities on the premises, and the conduct of third parties now given. Buyers shall so advise their agents and employees. The Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold the Auctioneer and Seller harmless from any claims or damages. No person shall have any claim against the Auctioneer, his agents, employees or principles regardless of personal injury, loss of life or damages to or loss of property. Buyer also acknowledges responsibility for his actions and conduct and the action and conduct of their agents and employees throughout the sale and checkout process.

DISPUTES:  Any disputes that arise during the course of the sale or pay period shall be decided by the Auctioneer. The decision of the Auctioneer shall be final and absolute.

COMPETITIVE BIDS:  All offerings whether real or personal property are subject to competitive bids. In the event an offering does not have the benefit of competitive Bidders, the item may at the Auctioneers discretion, be withdrawn from auction.

VEHICLE TITLES:  All titles are guaranteed within 15 banking days, but in any event the title will not be issued prior to your check clearing the bank.

CONSIGNMENTS:  Auctioneer hereby gives notice to Bidders that some items being sold may be consigned by third parties.

ADDITIONAL:  Announcements made by the Auctioneer prior to and throughout the sale shall become a part of this agreement. Although all information has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, the Auctioneer and Seller make no guarantee whatsoever to the accuracy of any printed materials. The Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw items, alter the sale order, accept bids from the Seller and group lots as he deems appropriate.  All auctions are subject to cancellation without notice. Absentee bids will be bid proxy from the Auctioneer and staff. The Bidders and/or Buyers will not hold the Auctioneer liable for the Seller's misconduct or negligence in regards to matters of title or failing to close on a sale or failing to disclose defects of any kind including that of hazardous waste. Buyers and Bidders will look to the Seller in these matters. No property is Sold Absolute unless so stated by the Auctioneer.

RESERVATION OF SERVICE: The Auctioneer reserves the right on behalf of the Seller to refuse service or admittance to anyone whether notice is given verbally or written.

Williamson Bros. Realty & Auction Co., Inc.
Athens GA 30606

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