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See photos in photo gallery! Due to circumstances beyond auctioneer's control, tractorand attachments have been removed from the auction. See Documents for list. 

Bidding Dates
Begins:   Sat, Dec 13, 2014
Ends:  Sat, Dec 13, 2014

See documents for complete auction inventory:

1863 Ruger 10/22 w/folding stock
1864 Rem. Mod 1100 12 ga
1865 Rem mod 700 25-06
1866 Double barrel
1867 Ruger mini 14 side folder stainless
1868 Rem mod 110012 ga mag
1869 Ruger m77 30-06
1870 M1 30 carbine
1871 H@R topper m84
1872 Rem nylon 22
1873 Ruger mark 2 target
1874 S@W mod 38 38spl
1875 S@W mod 60
1876 S@W mod 66-1
1877 S@W mod 63
1878 Colt .25 auto
1879 S@W .32 long
971 20 1964 half dollar
972 20 1964 half dollar
973 20 1964 half dollar
974 21 1964 half dollar
975 77 1965-1967 half dollar
976 13 silver dollars 1881-1926
977 17 half dollars 1942-1945
978 9 half dollar 1951-1963
979 4 silver dollars 15 half dollars
980 21 one dollar silver cert.
981 3 two dollar red note 1 five dollar rednote
982 12 two dollar bills
983 Franklin/Kennedy half dollar set 65 pre 1964
984 Roosevelt head dime set 45 dimes
1880 Rake
1881 E-Z cart
1885 Shovel
1888 Wheel barrow
1889 Ramp
1890 Water pump
1892 Trailer
1894 Hay spear
1895 Log splitter
1896 Tool boxes w/ handtools
1897 Contents of shelf
1899 Air comp
1900 Contents of shelf
1951 Fire place insert
1952 Worklight/vac.
1953 Traps
1954 Ibanez acoustic
1955 Kent hollow body
1956 Lotus electric
1957 Gorilla amp
1958 Peavy bandit
1959 Alesis and books
1960 Gun cab.
1961 End table
1962 Air purifier
1963 Arm chair
1964 Chair
1965 beach scene
1966 Sewing machine and acc
1969 Primitive table
1970 Bed
1971 Chest of drawers
1972 Dresser
1973 rattan shelf
1974 bed
1975 Gun case 2 stocks
1976 CD's
1977 B.l. misc
1978 Allied signal ring
1979 Chest of drawers
1980 Bench
1981 Scales décor
1982 Plaster ware
1983 Metal wall décor
1984 Touch lamp
1985 Dresser
1986 Telephone
1987 Wall décor & plate
1988 Quilt
1989 Quilt
1990 couch
1991 Chest 
1992 Comforter set
1993 Comforter set
1994 Comforter set
1995 King size bed
1996 End tables
1997 Rocking chair
1998 Churn
2000 Baskets
1161 Box of books
1162 Rack-vanity stool-cab-candles
1163 Chest
1164 14 K w/ diamond ring and chain
1165 Mercury dime earings
1166 Necklace w/ pearl
1167 Table
1168 Vac. Cleaner
1169 End table
1170 Recliners
1171 Recliners
1172 Barstools
1173 Rocker
1174 2 drawer table
1175 Cab.
1176 Jar
1177 Side tables w/ lamp
1178 Bed w/ mattress
1179 Childs table
1180 oak side table
1181 Hair dryer
1182 Beautician stand
1183 Beauticians chair
1184 Beauticians chair
1185 Beautician stand
1186 Metal shelf
1187 Love seat
1188 couch
1189 Leather armchair
1190 Ottoman
1191 Mirror
1192 Choice fig.
1193 Rug
1194 End table
1195 Coffee table
1196 Tea set
1197 Bell collection
1198 Display cab.
1199 Lamp/puzzles/misc
1842 Model cars
1843 Small mantle clock
1844 Large mantle
1845 Brass & glass clock
1846 Hurricane lamps
1847 Lamp
1848 Door stop
1849 Bird lamp
1850 Oak table
1852 Recliner
1853 Hat tree
1854 Flat tv w/ stand
1855 Artwork
1856 Sofa table
1835 Sound system
1836 Vac. Cleaner
1837 China cab.
1838 Contents of cab.
1839 Child gates
1857 Shelf w/ hum. Birds and candles
1858 Corner shelfs and contents
1859 Cards and file cab
1860 B.l. misc
1861 Corner shelfs and contents
1862 Hand painted quaill
451 Dry sink
452 oak desk
453 Depression glass
454 Shelf 
455 Dine table w/ chairs
456 Glass ware and china
457 Brown pottery
458 Letter holder/décor
459 tea cart
460 Artwork w/ candle holders
461 Cab.
462 Side x side fridge
463 Glass ware 
464 Autum leaf
465 Glass ware
466 Choice platter
467 Barstools
468 Step stool
469 Contents Shelf w/ art
470 Luggage
471 Dinnete set
472 Display box
473 Bicycle
474 Bicycle
475 Grill
476 Planter
477 Patio furniture
478 Cast iron
479 Cake plates/pot/frypan
480 Ashtray
481 Currier and ives
482 Cane
1824 GMC truck
1823 Chevy blazer
483 Walker
484 Jazzy
485 Brown ware
486 B.l. misc
487 B.l. misc
488 B.l. misc
489 B.l. misc
490 Gas can
491 Fan
492 Yard cart and hand tools
493 Freezer
494 Contents of shelf
495 Hitch carry all
496 B.l. misc
497 B.l choice
498 Troy bilt mower
500 Ele hedge trimmer and misc handtools
1648 Costume jewelry

Terms and Conditions of Personal Property Auction. See below for additional Terms & Conditions for Guns!

The personal property in this auction will be offered by Auctioneer, and will be governed by the Terms and Conditions listed herein:

  1. You must register to bid. You are required to present a valid photo ID, verify your address and provide a telephone number and/or an email address.
  2. Prior to removal of purchases payment must be made in cash, personal or business check with valid photo ID (no out of state checks!) and all major credit cards. Buyer shall pay any and all applicable taxes. Dealers must produce a sale tax certificate and fill out the proper sales tax exemption forms. A Buyer’s Premium of 13% will be added to the high bid with a 3% discount for cash and/or good check. Buyer acknowledges that Seller has provided him/her with the opportunity to inspect the item(s) before purchasing them and the buyer has or has not inspected the item(s) at his/her own discretion.  Payment can be made during the sale or within 30 minutes after the Auction ends.
  3. A bid by any person shall be conclusive proof that the person has made himself acquainted with these conditions of sale and has agreed to be bound by them.
  4. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, AND ALL PROPERTY IS SOLD “AS IS”, WHERE IS”. Goods auctioned are often of some age. All pieces are sold as “attributed to" and Seller, Auctioneer and agents of either make NO guarantees, warranties or representations, expressed or implied, with respect to the property or correctness of any catalogues  or other descriptions of authenticity of authorship, attribution, physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, provenance, exhibitions, source, literature or historical relevance of the property or otherwise. No statement anywhere, whether oral or written, shall be deemed such a guarantee, warranty or representation. Prospective bidders should inspect the property before bidding to determine condition, size and whether or not it has been repaired or restored and no refunds or credits shall be issued.
  5. The buyer shall be the highest bidder. In case of dispute between two bidders, the Auctioneer may reopen the bidding between the two highest bidders only, until property is sold.
  6. All property shall be removed from the premises by the purchaser at his own risk and expense within the time period announced and posted by the Auctioneer.
  7. Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any item before or during the auction. Auctioneer may reject a nominal or fractional bid advance if, in his estimation, it proves injurious to the auction.
  8. Neither Auctioneer nor Seller shall be liable for any personal injury on the auction premises. Buyer assumes all risk and liability whatsoever resulting from the use of the item(s) sold hereunder, and shall defend indemnity and save harmless Seller and Auctioneer from any liability.
  9. If the foregoing conditions or any other applicable conditions are not complied with, in addition to other remedies available to Auctioneer and Seller by law, including without limitation, the right to hold the purchaser liable for the bid price, the Auctioneer, at his option may (1) resale the property publicly or privately, with purchaser being liable for the payment of any deficiency plus all costs incurred, or (2) cancel the sale, retaining liquidated damages on all payments made by purchaser, including commissions, taxes and premiums.
  10. Buyer hereby agrees to assume all risks and to release and hold harmless all of the persons or entities mentioned who might otherwise be liable to it or its successors or assigns for damages.provided him/her with the opportunity to inspect the item(s) before purchasing them and the buyer has or has not inspected the item(s) at his/her own discretion.  Payment can be made during the sale or within 30 minutes after the Auction ends.

 Additional Terms and Conditions for Guns:  

  1. All guns sold today will be available for pickup at Sporting Arms, Inc. 159 Parkview Road, Winterville Ga 30683 706 742-7971, beginning at 10am Monday December 15, 2014. Business hours are 10am till 7PM Monday –Friday. Any gun not picked up within 10 days of Auction date will be considered abandoned and will revert back to the seller, with no refund to the buyer.  You must pay for your gun purchases in full at the auction, at which time you will receive a PAID INVOICE to claim your gun(s) at Sporting Arms, Inc. At time of pickup, the Buyer will be required to complete the necessary transfer paperwork and pay a fee of $10 per gun  to Sporting Arms, Inc. for their services. Only the person whose name is on the PAID INVOICE will be allowed to pick up a gun(s). NO EXCEPTIONS.


Williamson Bros. Realty & Auction Co., Inc.
Athens GA 30606

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